Developing raptor

Raptor is composed of different APIs that has its own repository

See the README of each repository to learn how to setup the single service development environment.


You need to install the following tools:

Clone the repository

Clone the main github repository in your home directory

git clone

Compose file types

There are 3 differentdocker-composecompatible files for different kind of deployment

  1. ./dev.yml Base services like databases and admin tools
  2. ./test.yml Services exposing connectable ports on the machine, used for developing a services while maintaining communication with other containerized services. Note: Ensure to add to your /etc/hosts the list of hosts under config/hosts. It is required to have transparent proxy of request.
  3. ./docker-compose.yml Zero-config setup (but need to change default password once started!)

Wrapper scripts to use the above mentioned compose files are also made available.

  • ./scripts/
  • ./scripts/

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