1. Raptor requires a minimum of 2-4GB of RAM to run slightly.
  2. Ubuntu, at least 16.04
  3. Git tools
  4. Docker (at least Docker 18.03.1-CE) and Docker Compose

Installation of required softwares


sudo apt-get install git

Docker / Docker-Compose

For a quick installation, you only need both Docker and Docker Compose installed on your pc.

See the official Docker guide to install them:

Example: on an Ubuntu or Debian box as root you can install with

curl -sSL | sh
adduser `whoami` docker
sudo apt-get install python-pip -y && sudo  pip install docker-compose

Installation Of RaptorBox

Fast setup

For the fast installation, run the following command in terminal to get started immediately

curl -s | sudo sh -s --

Retrieve a release

Installation can also be done by downloading the latest release or by cloning the github repository.

  • For a latest release, check the release page to download.

  • Alternatively, use the repository

git clone
cd raptor
git tag

After downloading or cloning the release, run the following command in terminal.

echo "  raptor.local" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

Now use docker-compose to start the services

# if the command fails due to permissions, use sudo
docker-compose up -d

# view the process status
docker-compose ps

# view the logs
docker-compose logs -f #<service name> eg app or auth

Raptorbox UI

Go tohttp://raptor.local in your browser to start using the raptorbox.

To login into the RaptorBox, use default username/password.

username: admin
password: admin

Raptorbox API Documentation

Go tohttp://raptor.local/apidocs in your browser to start exploring the APIs of raptorbox.

For the authorization token, you can use the first Login API and get the token to test other APIs.

Suggested configurations

  • For a development setup just use docker-compose up to start the services with the default settings

  • To change/update the default passwords, use <raptorbox root directory>/config/raptor.yml and in the users section, update the password.

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