A platform is incomplete without its GUI and user (or developer) cannot find the true meaning and functionality of it unless he/she tries it. RaptorBox is provided with GUI that gives user the last and most important part to complete a package.

This GUI is designed in state of the art manner that provides most of the functionalities of the platform to make a complete package that a user can use to control his/her devices and perform different type of actions over them. It is designed to give a better view of data visualization with real-time (live) updates from the devices. A user can view his/her applications with the users and their roles and can find his devices easily.

The following APIs are fully working with the current version of UI:

  1. App
  2. Stream
  3. Action
  4. Inventory
  5. Auth
  6. Profile (User profile)

UI is fully open source based on Vue.JS with the CoreUI theme. A developer can download it and deploy it without thinking about the data visualization softwares. And if user/developer do not like it he/she can create a new UI and use it with the RaptorBox easily.

The online version of RaptorBox can be checked here.

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